Portrait of Greg Bear

Greg Bear is the author of HULL ZERO THREE (Orbit November 2010), CITY AT THE END OF TIME (Del Rey 2009), MARIPOSA (Perseus paperback November 2010), HALO: CRYPTUM and HALO: PRIMORDIUM (Tor, January 2011 and 2012). He's the father of two young writers, Erik and Alexandra. Greg's wife, Astrid Anderson Bear, has sold her first short story to SAN DIEGO NOIR, in collaboration with Diane Clark.

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As an illustrator, my artwork has appeared on GALAXY, FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION and VERTEX and books both hardcover and paperback. I was a founding member of ASFA, the Association of Science Fiction Artists. My last professional work of art was the cover of my own novel, PSYCHLONE, in reprint from Tor. I do very little artwork now, devoting myself almost exclusively to writing.

Painting - Halloween Kite
Halloween Kite
Painting - Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury:
A Portrait, With Mars
Painting - Walker on Crust
Walker on Crust

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